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The performative rite will begin with the stretching and stretching of a tablecloth, a symbol of the banquet which par excellence tells the moment of the meeting; the flap of fabric that will have already been exhibited in Puglia (Lecce), will become a symbol that, carried in the various initiatives, will lengthen from time to time bearing witness to the path. Following the unfolding of the tablecloth, a secular procession will begin, a march of bodies which, according to a path that we will agree on on the spot, will touch and metaphorically unite all the churches and the inhabitants to them. From time to time from the procession, in which citizens can also participate, the artist or group of artists * will donate the gift to the church and those who live there in their own way. During the procession the tablecloth will become a canopy that protects from the sun, which visually unites all those who walk and a placeholder which, positioned from time to time in front of the churches, will allow passers-by to locate us in our traveling position.

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