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Naples | 1991  


Former Benedictine Monastery  

The basement is the place where things are hidden, hidden as secrets to be kept in the depths. A place where time and space cancel each other out. Place of meditation and hope. What manifests itself is only the memory of a passage, visible in an intangible parenthesis. 

A passage with a profound religious, cultural, artistic and spiritual depth that still seems to hardly exist today because it is no longer experienced by the community.

The intervention suggests to the visual memory of the viewer the idea of a passage: physical / material, given by the presence of traces that lead back to a past human activity, and conceptual because through the tunnels of these undergrounds you have a sort of vision, the sensation - also sound - of being inside black holes, spaces \ non spaces full of charm and mystery, places with an ancient timeless memory.

The basement as an idea of a space that no longer belongs to our daily life but which is worth rediscovering and adapting to the needs of the contemporary.

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