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  Milan | 1999


What is there between Milan and Militello?
The first part of the project is the exploration of the physical and inner space between these two places.
The need to have a clear perception of the world around me.
Cross the Italian peninsula with a bicycle, getting to know it firsthand.
The hours I will spend on this medium, the intensity of the relationship between me and this metal object, almost in a hybridization.
The curiosity of looking at natural spaces not yet fully capitalized as the sea around an urban archipelago. As spaces connected in themselves to all spaces in which time seems to have another speed.
The image of a sea on earth brings me closer to the story of Colapesce, a body that has hybridized with a fish to remain in a constant exploration of the abyss, then dispersed in the depths of the sea in an attempt to discover what the world supports.
With this work I would like to follow in his footsteps, look for his remains or any signs of his still being alive.
Although Colapesce is often associated with Messina and the strait, there are tales of him also in the areas of Catania, what do the inhabitants of Militello know about him?
Is it possible to find traces of him right there?
Who is Colapesce?
Where is Colapesce now?
Does it support the columns under Messina?

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