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Anime Sante del Purgatorio church

A stream in the Loddiero Valley, the Ninfa Zizza fountain, the Oxena waterfalls… the water present in the area brings with it the stories of the town, its inhabitants and the surrounding nature.

A nature that speaks to us through its landscape, its colors, and shapes. Following the sun, the wind and the paths, we walked collecting the fragments of this landscape: the earth and the dry plants that are part of the characteristic golden color of the mountains.  

During our walks around the town, people shared stories and anecdotes about the area with us, showing the importance that history has for them, and through their stories, we entered into conversation with Militello.

In this work, the church of Purgatory becomes the space in which different stories and languages coexist, where it is possible to hear the stories that the water tells us and reminds us of. The sacred space opens up to the fragments of this territory that we believe should be preserved. Through this gesture, we try to bring to light and revalue the stories of its inhabitants  

(human and non-human).

Many militellesi accompanied us during our research… in this work there is a bit of all of them.

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