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The Zona Blu cultural association based in Milan, in collaboration with the Macchia cultural association and the municipality of Militello val di Catania is pleased to present the "Situ" exhibition cycle, which involves the prestigious architectural structures, as well as the heritage of the Unesco, present in the Militello area.
The project stems from the idea of re-evaluating a sacred place as a particular visual space by reworking it through the language of contemporary art, whose compositional sensitivity is established within an "other" space full of experience and with its own strong aesthetic language, alternative to the common exhibition fee.
Situ develops from the concept of 'site specific' or 'in situ', terms used to indicate exhibition and installation interventions in a particular given space.

Situ embraces multiple artistic languages such as painting, performance, installations, sculpture, video art, projections and talks.
The artists involved in this dialogue are Nicola Tineo, Raffaele Greco and Francesco Kalivaci who, on this particular occasion, will occupy the auditorium of San Domenico and the Church of the Blessed Sacrament at the Circolo with works created at the service of these two places.
Nicola tineo presents the 'Contemporary sacred rapresentation' project, a contemporary reinterpretation of some themes of the sacred-Christian tradition; accompanying him will be the sculptures and paintings of the artist Francesco Kalivaci.
Inside the Church of the Santissimo Sacramento al Circolo will take place the exhibition project 'Storie di consorterie terracquose al limine di un luogo rettangolo' by Raffaele Greco, who elaborates a reflection starting from the concept of nomadism and the effect that this movement determines on places and space intended as forms of the imaginary.
The event will be enriched by the sound performance 'Trasposizioni teologiche' and by the projections of the docufilm 'Quiescienza'.

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