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15 °




Bucaramanga | 1985

Church of the Blessed Sacrament at the Circolo




An hour to think in circles makes me imagine a church in Sicily. What is an hour? 

What is the significance of the shadow in the measurement of time? In the duration of 60 minutes the earth would move 15 degrees, 15 multiplied by 24 results in 360. Sometimes I think that circular shapes haunt me. If I were a book of hours in a church, I would try to escape the limits of measure. If I were a minute, I would be clear, morning and clear, I would be night, dusk and fog. The accumulation of hours in things changes things that do not question the meaning of the hours. What does 100 years in the existence of a large rock mean? as humans we can only imagine the deep time of the universe, our finite nature sometimes tries to construct eternal concepts. My projects are crossed by a question about the meaning of time starting from its multiple conceptual possibilities. Sometimes when I think of the sound of the sea waves I imagine a metric system, the moon marks the tides with the silvery glow of the night light. In the residence in Militello I intend to investigate the concept of time in the heart of a church where the word eternity has a profound meaning. I am interested in installing a temporal experimentation laboratory, in the space and duration of the residence, I would like to meet the watchmaker of the town. The books of the hours are objects that fill me with curiosity, the measurement of time linked to the spiritual life will be an axis of conceptual research. My proposal will be developed in the space of the Chiesa del Santissimo Sacramento al Circolo, within which I will make an installation of drawings that will cover part of the space. The designs will be done with a clock which will be manipulated to function like a paintbrush. The same clock will be used to draw circles on the sand and a microphone will be used to amplify its sound. The drawing process will be recorded on a video that would be shown inside the church.

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